• Mr. Pramod Kumar Agrawal

    Chairman Cum Wholetime Director of Derewala Industries Ltd.

    The founder and trailblazer, Mr. Pramod Kumar Agrawal is a man with a vision. Derewala has its present prominence owing to the dedication, innovation and perseverance of Mr. Agrawal. Through Derewala, he thrives to offer International quality products that accentuates on value for money. Being acknowledged for his quality of products and services, he has also received accolades all across the globe. With over two decades of experience, he thrives to expand his business even more.

    It was Mr. Pramod Kumar Agrawal, whose strong desire to offer international quality standard, led to the introduction of four Italian jewellery companies who brought top-notch technology and expertise to India. His commitment has made Derewala Group one of the largest Gold and Silver Chains and jewellery manufacturing companies in Asia.

    With a holistic objective of enhancing the jewellery industry, Mr. Agrawal works in various associations with the jewellery trade associations. He is the Chairman of Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, Jaipur (a project of GJEPC), Member of Committee of Administration – The Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), Director in the Board of All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) and Executive Member of Jewellers Association, Jaipur.

  • Mr. Yogendra Garg

    Managing Director at Derewala Industries Ltd.

    The beacon of success, Mr. Yogendra Garg is a man who believes in providing highest quality products that satisfies both the customers as well as the partners of Derewala. It was he who made it possible for Derewala to have outsourced production, all under one roof. With his foresightedness and dedication, Derewala today stands tall with three integrated manufacturing units.

    Mr. Yogendra Garg thrives to bring innovation for Derewala through his knowledge and experience. He aims to establish sales and marketing distribution network across India by offering new and exciting jewellery at incredible prices. It was under his leadership that Italian brands like Milaan, Metalorafa, Pluvioro were set up. With his comprehensive contributions, Mr. Garg had been successful in exemplifying dedication amongst the employees.

  • Ms. Debi Nishimura


    An architect by profession and a jewellery designer by heart, Director Debi Nishimura, is the lady who adds creativity and uniqueness to Derewala. She started her career with a degree in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley where she realized that she could implement her passion for creativity in any discipline.

    While on a tour to Jaipur in the year 1986, she came to know about the famous gemstone manufacturing in the city. Being inspired by the plethora of crafted gemstones, she designed the first jewellery collection for the U.S. market, which was a brilliant fusion of traditional Indian designs applied on western contemporary shapes. Today, she holds over 20 years of rich experience in designing exquisite pieces of jewellery and has optimum knowledge and understanding of the art of jewellery design.